Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nethanderal Men

What is it with nethanderal men and the way these numpties always seem to end up with a gorgeous woman? Many's a time I've been sat in bar with a mate, crying into our beer about being single (Lol), only to see a lovely girl stuck with a monster!
Now, I'm not just going on about his appearance, as looks can be deceptive (I should know), but their whole demeanour and attitude towards their female companion absolutely stinks!
And what's worse is that the girl puts up with it and actually seems to enjoy it ~ weird.

I guess it comes down to the old phrase of 'it's always a bad ass that makes the girl's heart beat faster', and I can understand that to a certain extent. I know women who are attracted to the bad boys of this world, and fair enough, but why tolerate them if they totally disrespect women?

Maybe it's just me being brought up in an old fashioned way, where it's correct to be respectful to others, and especially being respectful towards women.
Walking on the outside nearest the road, opening doors, pulling back her chair in a restaurant, are just a few of the mannerisms instilled into me which will no doubt remain I'm too old to change my ways now anyway.

The worst thing that can be said to me, and it has been said countless times, is:
"you're really nice" or "you're really sweet" because you know this will be immediately followed by a "but...".
Yes I am kind, caring, loving, generous and thoughtful, but 'sweet'...come on, this can't be right!

At the end of the day if women want to put up with such behaviour and lack of respect from their man, then fair enough if it makes them happy, but... (omg, I'm doing it now!)

Solo Steve

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  1. It might help if you knew how to spell the word Neanderthal.